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There should be a word that is the next level above love
because four letters doesn’t feel like enough
to describe the number of feels that I hold for you. The sensicles
are the most sensitive part of your senses (this is scientifically proven)
and my sensicles are glowing and breathing and…

" It can’t stop now. The signs keep changing on me, like a shimmering bell. Long waves enveloping me and my plastic mind. So chewed and shrieking all the time, feels it whirling by. Morning, afternoon, then night and I can’t get down. If I don’t feel right polishing off the sand; lay by me and we’ll erode as gently as we can into twilight. "

- An Orphan Of Fortune - MGMT

" We’re in the same room, just a million miles away… "

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" If ever you need someone to catch you, there will always be a hand to grab you. "